Baja Bud's: Apparently NOT A Flower Shop

Upon my vegetarian experiment I started to get bored with eating the same old veggies and rice, so I set out to explore for some delicious food sans meat. My sister suggested Baja Bud's which up to that point I assumed was a flower store because of the name, you know like rose buds. No? Okay, I guess it was kind of dumb of me.

I entered the Mexican food restaurant, based in the southern California region, not knowing what to expect. I checked out the menu for about 10 minutes and was pleased to find out that most of the items came without meat if requested. Also that they replace meat with black beans as not to short you on the amount of food you get. This equals a great veggie buy in my books and I have been eating there weekly since then.

My personal favorite is the nachos plate with no meat, although since then I have started eating meat again. It consist of hand made tortilla chips, black beans, enchilada sauce, jack cheese, along with your choice of spicy or mild salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cilantro. All ingredients are fresh made and the finished product reflects it.

Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice as you munch on your nachos as you sip on your fine Mexican soda (or beer if your 21+) you'll swear you're in Mazatlán bathing in the sun.