Ohai, What's Your Poison? We're Back

So, school's starting up again and we're back on that college grind (at least for me). It's a new year. That means new good times, new crappy times, and a new self. There's so much to look forward to, experience, and write about. I'm glad to say that WYP is gonna be along for that ride.

Oh, you thought we were gone for good? We're just getting started. And when we (finally) kick start the new and improved site, we hope you like it and view it as a haven for you lovelies to converse and share thoughts, opinions, ideas, hair style tips, or what have you. It's gonna be the shit and the urine. Like no one's ever seen. Just show us your support and we'll love you forever. We mean it.

I might be this blog's biggest fan because I fully see the potential of this becoming something pretty awesome.

We're on the constant look-out for talented writers, artists, musicians, free thinkers, lovers, and leaders. We're looking for you.

So, what's your poison?