Here Come the Elephantmen

I'm a big fan of the comic book series Elephantmen, written by Richard Starkings and drawn by Moritat. I picked up the second trade War Toys while at WonderCon and got a great sketch by Moritat. The series is about an army of genetically engineered soldiers bred by the international corporation Mappo. After serving their purpose in getting rid of virus-carrying individuals in outbreak devastated Europe, which is documented in War Toys, the soldiers have to find places in normal society. That's harder than it usually is for veterans because Mappo's soldiers are cross-bred with tough animals like hippos, giraffes and elephants in order to make them more indestructible.

Elephantmen isn't made by either of the "Big Two" in comic books (Marvel and DC) but is a creator-owned enterprise published by the Berkeley based Image Comics. The series is easy to get into and it's not necessary to know every facet of the characters to get the story.

The first eight pages of Elephantmen #17 are available to view at Comic Book Resources. If you've been waiting to get into comic books now that it's the hot thang, Elephantmen is a good series to jump on to.