In Love With Lost

I'm usually pretty good at expressing my views on the things I really enjoy. Be it Star Wars, Red Dwarf, hip-hop, comic books, I've written plenty about all of them. However, the brilliant television show Lost has me completely lost for words.

Now in its fifth season, so much has happened in Lost that it is almost unexplainable to anyone who hasn't watched the bulk of the series. People have died, come back to life, been attacked by clouds of smoke, travelled through time, been kidnapped, had babies, met loved ones that were half across the world, dead or in another period of time, been sent to mental institutions, arrested, left the island and come back to the island all in a series that from its onset seemed like a simple show about people crashing on an island but revealed itself to be the complete antithesis of "simple."

Lost is by far the most intelligent television program I have ever seen. I couldn't recommend it more. Even if you haven't seen an episode yet, it is worth the investment of buying the four seasons that are available and watching them in a marathon. American television tends to cater to the lowest common denominator and avoid challenging the viewer's intelligence or attention span (think cable news, Family Guy or reality shows). Lost is a shining example that television can be good.


le chat noir | March 11, 2009 at 12:43 PM

You can't see, but a single, shining tear just fell down my cheek.

I've never been so fascinated by a show like LOST. I'm going to miss it dearly when it ends.

Michael | March 12, 2009 at 7:03 PM