Closing Thoughts on Red Dwarf

I just saw the final episode of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth and I am subsequently willing to amend my negative review of the first two episodes. The ending episode had some moving moments to it, including the final scene (?) with Dave Lister and his love Kristine Kochanski (played by the still beautiful Chloe Annet). However, the episode was reduced by a Three Stooges like scene where Kryten and Cat step on broomsticks. While physical humor can be done well (see the classic episode "Justice" for a textbook example), this was certainly not the case here.

Without spoiling things, the conclusion borrowed from both the classic Dwarf episode "Back to Reality" and the novel Better than Life. If Dwarf fans were hoping for something new out of this series, they will be on the whole very disappointed. Back to Earth acts mostly as a wink to fans and far from the rip-roaring and thought-provoking enterprise that Red Dwarf once was.