En Mode

On Saturday, April 25th, the Academy of Art Institute in San Francisco hosted the Spring 2009 fashion show and it was breath-taking to say the least. At first I thought I was just awestruck by the flashing lights, loud music, profession models, and couture atmosphere, but the show was truly amazing. The clothes were impeccably made, the fabrics were gorgeous, the shoes were to die for and the male models...be still my heart! The day started off fairly hectic but it progressed with ease. 

I picked out my ensemble the night before (I laid out about four possible outfits including accessories, and took notes on possible hairstyles and makeup looks). The day of the show I woke up at about 7am and looked surprisingly well-rested for someone who is a far cry from a morning person and managed to squeeze in only 4 hours of sleep.  I went through my usual morning routine and weeded through my outfits. An hour and a floor full of shoes, scarfs,  jewelry, blouses, and skirts later I stood in front of my full length mirror and gazing back at me was one "effortlessly" chic young woman. I was wearing 4 and a half inch black patent leather pumps, dark wash skinny jeans, a gray long sleeved body conscious shirt, navy blue men's blazer, gold pendant necklace, and diamonique stud earrings. My hair was pulled back in a chignon so tight I had a mini facelift and my makeup was minimal, but current (neutral face and bold brows). Everything was perfect...well not exactly. Now that I think of it my bag was totally wrong...I should have had a clutch instead of a cream colored tote, but I still looked fierce. 

My friend (who worked the hell out of her fuschia blazer, black mini, graphic black and white tee, and 5 inch heels) and I dined on BLTA's before the show (we wouldn't dare be caught eating near the show!) When my guest and I arrived, we were greeted with envious stares and a couple of "I know she didn't wear that!" looks (yes, honey, I DID wear that...not only did I wear it I killed it biotch). For a minute, literally a minute, I began to think I was overdressed. Then I remembered, Um, no...it's a fashion show! So me and my gal strutted our stuff to the mandatory orientation to receive our tickets and we met up with a hot advisor by the name of Alex who gave us THIRD ROW tickets to the show. We were close enough to touch the runway (and don't think we didn't do it..a couple of times actually). I must have been in a complete trance during the show because my friend kept nudging me as each model emerged from behind the grand white curtains...as if I didn't see them! To make a long story short, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.