Fish Lovers Everywhere Be Alarmed

That crispy golden brown crust encasing, that juicy piece of Tilapia sitting on a bed of Cherry tomamtos, asparagus and curry sauce looks delicious right? Too bad in a few years that may cost you the same as Alaskan crab dish which can easily total up to $80. "Why?!" is what you may be asking yourself in shock and amazment, well I'll tell you why.

Conservationist are pushing to temporarily stop fishing 20-40 percent of the worlds oceans, and by temporarily they mean 20 years. They've brought this to the table as a solution to help stop dwindling fish populations in the oceans and reverse some of the damage that commercial fishing has done. Granted this could help replenish the world fish stocks dramatically, and is necessary so that we don't destroy our Eco-system...or just plain run out of fish to eat all together. However in the mean time the price of fish would skyrocket. This would be especially true in many Asian and island nations where fish is a staple of many diets read more at The Observer.