Hitchens Takes Apart Mos Def With Embarrassing Ease

Christopher Hitchens is one of my writing idols. I try, as much as is possible while still maintaining my own style, to emulate the manner in which he expresses himself verbally and in via the written word.

Mos Def is one of my favorite musicians. I love The New Danger more than any other album. He's gifted as an actor, musician and poet but he is just not cut out for politics. He sounds like a total fool in the face of three people who actually read books and news. Bill Maher probably did know what would happen here too. I mean c'mon, putting an actor from The Italian Job up against fucking Christopher Hitchens and Salman Rushdie? (That's not to say that actors cannot be adept politically. Ronald Reagan was an actor, and no matter what you may think of him, Sean Penn at least can articulate and defend his views. In this case, Mos Def has only shown himself to be foolish and underdeveloped at best when it comes to public affairs.)

Whoever wrote the YouTube comments here is also of great wit. He's either a Brit or a wannabe Brit (like myself).

Also, if Mos Def wants to talk conspiracies, he should read up on the people he is seated next to. As Maher alluded, Christopher Hitchens was attacked by Syrian nationalists in Beirut, Lebanon. Salman Rushdie had a decree for his elimination ordered by the Islamic Republic of Iran for the crime of writing a book. It's not just Mos Def and his hipster friends in Brooklyn that have been persecuted.


jpburns | April 1, 2009 at 11:27 AM

This is what overtime is all about, whether on the gridiron or on the net. Hits are the new Nielson ratings. I'm not saying Bill staged this, I'm just saying...

Michael | April 1, 2009 at 2:03 PM

You're very right. It would have been far less interesting if it had been Thomas Friedman, Paul Krugman or someone along those lines there instead of Mos Def.