Introducing: Con the Bassmaster

Brandon Washington is something like a superhero. He is an unpretentious shampoo vendor by day and a gruuvmastering, beatforging, head-exploder by night. Hailing from “the land without Gruuv” or otherwise known as Wisconsin, a state known more for its cheese than its epic drum and bass music, he is Con the Bassmaster, saving us from the mundane--one awesome song at a time. His groove-inducing musick is exceptional as he samples anything from Cassie (yep) to Coheed and Cambria in a seemingly effortless, almost machine-like consistency. He agreed to answer more than a few questions for us. So, here is an introduction. A tip of the iceberg, if you will, of Con the Bassmaster.
You’re welcome.

So why are you Con the Bassmaster?
I wanted a name that could leave its connotation to the consumer, but people just call me Con. I was going for the act of conning a bassmaster, you see. But Con's not too shabby of a nickname!

How's the music scene in Wisconsin?
The musick scene here is mainly punk rock and metal/hardcore. Eh.

What is it about dnb that you like?
DNB and Jungle have roots in funk and reggae, which are two of my favourite genres. I suppose it just kinda happened.

Who are your musical influences?
If I had to pick 3, it would be the RZA, Frank Zappa, and Nobuo Uematsu.

Interesting choices. Why those three specifically?
Well, the RZA because his production skills are damn near legendary. And both Zappa and Uematsu are fantastic composers (in Zappa's case, WAS a fantastic composer). They all just have great taste in sounds, and their skills in arrangement are superb. I aspire to be at 1/4 of their collective levels, ya dig?

What goes on through your head when you make music?
As for what's going on in my head when I'm beatforging, it depends. Sometimes its sadness, other times its a feeling of love and happiness. In the end, its more about drawing from what’s around me/happening to me than anything else.

What do you want people to think when they hear your music?
"That's pretty groovy."

What was the most difficult song you made and why?
The song "Matriarch." It was a song I was making for my grandma, but she passed away before it was complete. A rather sad tale.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as a mix of dnb, hip hop, and trance, with a progressive feel to it. Others would describe it as video gamey. :/

What would you say was your biggest stylistic leap while making music?
Biggest leap was when I got heavy into sampling. Opens up a whole new world in composition!

So what are you working on right now?
Current work? I was going to go on a bit of a hiatus, to be honest. Though, there may be a project coming up with my buddy Adam (DJ Ango) under the name "Super Special Finish." I'll keep you informed?

Do you have a favorite motto?
"Optimism is key!"

Is there anyone you would like to (or have dreamed to) work with? The RZA, for sure. Anthony Green, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and Ewun the Gun. That'd be pretty bossome.

Explain, the inception and philosophy of 'Cream Cheese Chillin'': Hahaha. Really? Well, I suppose it's the state in which a person, or a collective group of people, desire to venture forth and accomplish something, but shortly after decide lounging around and conversing would be just as fun. Word.

Also, 'Peptotrippin'.
Peptotrippin' is like robotrippin', but with Pepto Bismol. Its more of a prank to play on someone than anything else.

So who are you listening to right now that you can't get off repeat? Brookes Brothers, "F Zero" in particular.

In the future, where do you see yourself and the progression of your music?
To be frank, I see myself making groovy music for groovy people. :]

Finally, any last words you want us to know about you? I'm a whirlwind of man.

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