I was not a big fan of the FroYo phenomenon, actually I am still not a big fan. With PinkBerry plaguing the nation like Starbucks does to coffee, FroYo was a trend that I refused to follow. Tart yogurt with fruity pebbles and chocolate chips? Where do people come up with this stuff?

My mind began to change, however; on my discovery of restaurants and hot spots throughout the San Francisco/Bay Area. Today after dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant, Suki Sushi, I found TuttiMelon.

Very similar to PinkBerry, TuttiMelon is a frozen yogurt shop complete with strange and fun toppings that will make you want to mix and test out every flavor you can imagine. Though I am still not fond of FroYo, I will say that they offer a variety far more interesting than PinkBerry ever could. In fact, they offer the Italian icy treat, gelato!

I am already addicted to this cream of deliciousness, seeing as how I have devoured it over the past two days already! Gelato, much more creamier and sweet than your average ice cream, TuttiMelon's version does not fail! I had decided to try our the Italian version of my favorite ice cream in the world, Cookies & Cream and I must say that the gelato version is a gazillion times better!

Though I know this place, TuttiMelon, is just another ripoff of PinkBerry and any other FroYo establishment, I gotta admit that they definitely set the bar high with different varieties of frozen desserts instead of sticking to one thing such as Sorbets, gelato, like I mentioned before, and frozen yogurt smoothies!

To also include a lil somethin somethin for those that like to eat healthy, none of the FroYo is over 30 calories and there are more fruit toppings than I can count with my fingers and toes! Sorbets are also free of dairy products for those lactose intolerants and well, the gelato is just a guilty pleaser for those who really want to indulge in its tasty goodness!

So as I always say, if you live in the Bay area or are planning to visit, then go to Tuttimelon for an after dinner, before lunch, late night, anytime treat! Seriously, do it (Like a Boss).