Artists Come Out for UCR's Spring Splash

On May 2nd, UCR’s program board, ASPB, hosted Spring Splash, an outdoor music festival featuring Common, Wale, and Ben Lee on the main stage and J*Davey, the Skeletones, Fake Problems and many more on the side stage. The event was one of the biggest events at UCR that embraced the “Green Movement” with attractions such as the Sustainable Living Roadshow, the Beer Garden (that served organic beer), a white dome that held workshops on how to be more eco-friendly and other green-related activities.

The boyfriend and I explored the area. We stopped at the side stage for the Skeletones’ super chill set that brought out the ska-loving punks.

I wish I would have gotten a shot of Paul Hampton’s key-tar. After their set, I had a strong desire to own one. Just for visual stimulation: Boom!, amirite? I think that warranted a “boom.”
Next up was D.C. rapper Wale (and someone's wallet), whose popularity is increasing by the minute.

He performed most of his popular hits including Nike Boots, WALEDANCE, “Chillin’” featuring Lady Gaga (the video for “Chillin’” will be released soon, btw) and others. Wale caused a ruckus (I speak like an old person), jumping off the stage and performing crowd level. He ran signing nearly every person’s poster who stood in the first row. See? I think it says "Wulyg." Wale’s presence was definitely known at UCR.
We ventured to the side stage again for the last-minute J*Davey set.

I wouldn’t have known that the electro-funk duo were performing had I not checked my myspace first. So, it was a pleasant surprise that they showed up due to some line-up switches. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t share my sentiments. It was a sad sight to see Jack Davey belting out songs to a dead crowd especially since the response was much more lively when the band performed just a few months earlier. Jack decided to jump off the stage and breathe life into the audience.
I’m pretty sure this guy was excited.

Finally who we were all waiting for, Common dominated the main stage performing most of his hits including the sexy “Go,” “I Used to Love H.E.R.” and “Come Close,” bringing a lucky fan on stage with him to sing to. Common was accompanied with background vocals by Muhsinah--who everyone needs to check out, like now--and took us back by covering a few old school hits including the Pharcyde’s “Passin’ Me By” and “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.” He then began an amazing freestyle, mentioning a number of areas on and off campus, letting us know he did his research. As if the crowd wasn’t hyped enough, he launched into “Universal Mind Control” and the crowd went crazy. I lost him when he jumped off stage and signed autographs so this is a perfect moment to mention Erich Chen’s photography.

He has awesome shots of the event here. As opposed to my feeble Fujifilm failed attempts. Overall, the show was great and ASPB keeps its reputation as a kickass program board. That‘ll do, ASPB. That'll do.