Born Ruffians on Daytrotter Session

Okay so I am really late with this, it came out last November but I just discovered this and I want you guys to take a listen! Born Ruffians is probably my favorite band out there right now. This trio of hootin and hollerin Canadians just make my day. If you have not heard their latest studio album, Red, Yellow, and Blue, then you need to! This funky folk band has got all the right melodies to make me get out of my seat and dance, which is what I do best!

Anyway, check out their appearance on Daytrotter Session! They have three new songs out that are just absolutely amazing. my favorite is Sole Brother. Singer/guitarist, Luke LaLonde, discusses how he used to help his grandfather rake leaves and do chores around his house. He becomes jealous of his sister who never gets to do chores and begins to wish how he was an only child.

I know I have an older brother who can definitely relate to this song. It's cute, catchy, and most of all it's free! SO GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Click here for the link

I can't stop listening to it!

Also a song that is not included on Daytrotter Session is Wedding Rings and Midnight Strollers. I think it's on their remixed version of Red, Yellow, and Blue but I say download that too because it has the best transition ever!