The Cool Kids Gone fishing

The Cool Kids' Mikey Rocks of Chicago and partner in crime Chuck Inglish of Detroit have released their new mix tape Gone Fishing with Don Cannon, which is evident by Mr. Cannon announcing that at the beginning of every song.

Gone Fishing is similar to their previous mix tape The Bake Sale with its slow tempo and base driven beats over The Cool Kids typical nonchalant delivery. However, Gone Fishing isn't a clone of their previous works which rely heavily on synthesized beats which gave the songs a retro feel. On this record Mikey and Chuck have improved their story telling ability along with modernizing their beats. The Prequel to When Fish Ride Bicycles includes an updated version of their single Pennies featuring Ludacris and Bun B.

Gone Fishing is free for download here. Enjoy.


Michael | May 7, 2009 at 4:39 PM

For some reason that cover makes me think of Digital Underground.