Neighborhood Watch

So I was going through my usual routine today (lounging around all day and rushing to clean up at around six o'clock before my mom gets home) and I peeked out of the blinds to check if her truck was outside. But what I found was far more intriguing than the top of a silver Dodge Durango. As I was surveying the street from my lair, I noticed an unfamiliar vehicle parked directly in front of my driveway. My immediate thoughts were profane, then I figured the car probably belonged to my cousin's friend and perhaps he and the passenger were waiting for my cousin to come outside. After about 5 minutes there was no sign of my cousin leaving and the car was still parked in front of my house. So I did what any bored woman would do and I stalked them. I sat, stood rather, at my window stealthily gazing at the unsuspecting couple and I imagined what they were discussing, then it happened. My heart began to race, my breath quickened, and my knees began to weaken. Is this really happening? In my neighborhood? In front of my house? It was like a scandalous scene from Desperate Housewives (I was the lonely damsel desperate for excitement). The longer I stared at the couple, the hotter the scene became. One moment they were kissing, the next her seat was back and he was on top of her, his hand in between her legs and his face buried in her breast. It was hot to say the least. I know that sounds like something a greasy old sleeze bag would say but it's was hot. There were 3 elements that made the scene as steamy as it was.

1) The couple was gorgeous. The guy was hot. The girl was hot.
2) The setting was classic: a car.
3) I can't say this for sure, but I'm pretty sure they were being sneaky. (I had never seen that car in my neighborhood--they weren't waiting for anyone--and they left as soon as they were done.)

Anways, I'm not going to make this a Harloquin novel and discuss all the dirty details, but it was sexy...but you don't have to take my word for it!