Throwback of the Day

I had been sitting here thinking about what today's throwback would be. I felt like since I posted a hip-hop joint yesterday, I should throw my BKWD, Afropunks and black weirdoes a bone as well. I pondered and pondered until one name came to mind: Prince. Although though he maybe too "mainstream" for a few people's tastes, I think man should be given his props. After all, how many men, especially black men, could parade around in midriffs and sequins and get away with it? Also, the man is truly talented. He can sing, dance and actually play not only one instrument, but an assortment of instruments. I don't know about you, but to me, this man is a pioneer for BKWD, Afropunks and the like. Now lets party like it's 10 years ago.

1999, Prince and the Revolution, 1999, 1982