Say, Say, My Plaaaymate

So, I have been busting my behind during midterm week while tackling a variety of unfortunate situations involving pretentious lames. Yes, folks, Bitchassness is prevalent in ‘08. On top of that, it is hot as hell in southern cali right now. I bought a parasol today. It’s pretty and blue and has little painted flowers and birdies on it (hey, I’m a GIRL! I can be cutesy. Hush). I also bought a keychain with a tiny little African drum on it. I bought (more) sunglasses and Panda Express but now that I’m blogging about it, I realize that I am an impulse-shopper and I have a problem. African #24325 asked me today if I was from America since I apparently have strong African features. This brought joy to my day as I take that as a compliment. I was also told by the boyfriend that I “act Asian”--which only brought confusion.

Now, I’m watching reruns of Ugly Betty and America’s Next Top Model. Speaking of which, I recently discovered that Naima Mora from the fourth cycle of the show is lead vocalist of Chewing Pics, an experimental band based in Brooklyn. I’ve always liked Naima and knew instantly that she would be the winner of the competition. She just had that certain spunk about her. As for her new band, I’m a little on the fence about it. I want to like it because I like her. But she should leave the erratic, drunken-esque screeching to Karen O. I respect her as an artist, though, and it’s good she’s doing something out of the box. Kudos to her. See? This post wasn’t completely irrelevant.

p.s. I totally didn’t know Naima was the wolf in TV on the Radio’s video, “Wolf Like Me.”

More info on Chewing Pics: Myspace


Kaos Blac | May 9, 2008 at 5:01 PM

I love those guys. They are so out there.