Inspired by the Motherland: 21MC

21MC is making itself known in the world of urban fashion. The line, created by designers Emeka Alams and Yego Morovia, has fused ethnic and tropical prints inspired by the beauty and culture of the African diaspora into the underground street wear culture. The San Francisco-based 21MC (short for 21st Century Maroon Colony) has been gaining much praise from fly kids/hipsters/artists like M.I.A., DJ Diplo, and Afrikan Boy to name a few. Not to mention, the line has been getting lots of attention from magazines and popular style/gossip blogs like TRACE, XLR8R, and Concreteloop.

The unique line describes its purpose in the mission statement,
“Live from Afro-Triangle, our purpose is to provide Tropical Wear garments to the urban Maroon Colonies of the 21st century. The patterns, rhythms, textures, and colors of Africa and Her diaspora, passed on to us by our ancestors, inform the way we create our collections and the way we wear ourselves on the streets” (

It's imperative that I get this mini poncho.

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