Zulema's Revelations


Remember Zulema Griffin who was portrayed as the “bitchy black chick” of season two’s Project Runway? The designer would tell you that she was simply “misrepresented” on the overly dramatic (but undeniably addictive) show. I mean, between Andre’s frequent breakdowns and Santino’s many impersonations of Tim Gunn, Zulema’s fabricated bitchiness is hardly remembered these days.

Zulema's designs speak for themselves and “subtle” is definitely not in her fashion vocab. At least not this fall. It’s not surprising to see bright whites in the designer’s fall line. But it may seem a bit unconventional in the fashion world for a designer to feature white garments for a season that has always normally accepted dark browns, blacks, and navies as the go-to hues during the chilly season.

In an interview with Cocoachic, Zulema stresses the importance of having your own style. “I believe strongly that when choosing clothing there are no fashion rules. Wear white shoes in winter if you choose. Be honest with yourself and your body. Does this work for me? Although everything on the runways this year is black, brown, muddied colors, if you like pink, go out and get a pink suit. It's all about individualism.”

With that said, the following church-inspired video features three women in body stockings strutting about in New York to Talib Kweli’s “Hostile Gospel.”
Zulema truly is an individual.

For more info: Zulema’s official site.