Come On Now......


For the past few days, people across the country have been celebrating Barack Obama's victory as the democratic nominee. But as usual, someone has to rain on his parade and stir up something: Bob Johnson and the other Clintonites. I didn't think Hillary Clinton would go a way quietly, she hasn't even seceded to Obama but her supporters are getting ridiculous. There have been numorous reports and articles about a Clinton/Obama ticket (Clinton even said she is open to taking the VP ticket) and Clinton's supporters,Clintonites as I affectionately call them, are pulling out all the stops to make sure the so-called "dream ticket" becomes a reality. Bob Johnson, BET founder and loyal Clinton supporter, even wrote a letter asking the Congressional Black Caucus to urge Obama to put Clinton on the ticket. When I heard about the letter and actually read it, I was appalled. This is the same man that practically called Obama a drug addict and made it look like Black people owe the Clintons something. Now that Obama has won the nomination, he still wants to get his and Clinton's piece of the pie and it's sickening. I am disheartened at the fact that Johnson and other so-called "black leaders" have spent the past seventeen months trying to destroy the very cause they claim to be fighting for. We are the closest we have ever been to having a black president and they have their noses in the air. Now,I have no problem with them supporting Hillary Clinton,everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but trying to tear down Barack Obama in the process is wrong and hypocritical. These civil rights leaders claim marched up and down roads, got sprayed with water hoses and got attacked by dogs to ensure that generations behind them would be able to have the same rights that were given to white people. Now we are so much closer to achieving that dream and they jumping ship. They have questioned his morals and even his blackness, one claiming Bill Clinton is blacker than Obama and another saying he "acts white" about black issues . Preachers have even dedicated sermons to insulting Barack Obama . These are the people that have looked at as role models for the Black Community and now look at them: a bunch of bitter old people that are won't give credit where credit is due. Barack Obama has won. Hillary lost. Case Closed. Game Over. Their next mission should be unifying the Democratic Party and ensuring that John "Bush 2.0" McCain doesn't make it into the White House.


xdaedal | June 8, 2008 at 1:46 PM

I'm really glad that Obama won the democratic ticket. Since I don't follow the race too hard I've been missing out on alot of the backlash that he's been getting. If all things expressed in this blog are true (which I'm sure they are) then I think its ridiculous that all these Clinton supporters are still trying to tear down Obama. Look at the big pictures kids!

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