The Death of Print

More and more magazines are dropping like flies. And now, after the folding of Mass Appeal, Missbehave is saying goodbye, print at least. I was lucky to find the magazine when I did because there was nothing else on the shelves like it. I used to read those run-of-the-mill teen mags (you know the ones) where they give you faulty advice about how to get that "hot boy" by fixing your hair a certain way. Or 47 ways to get a smaller waist. You know, real bullshit.

But Missbehave was cooler than that. Now, it's going to be gone from print. Forever... (echo)

The editor, Samantha Moeller seems ecstatic about the online version, "We are super stoked to bring you all the awesome content with out all that pesky paper!" (source)I'm kinda bummed about this, though.

Shit, now what's to become of my collage making?

-News:Media Week

My Windows Paint game is proper, right? I know.