In-N-Out: California Classic

Recently it was brought to my attention that my favorite fast food burger In-N-Out was not sold nation wide, as I naturally thought such a delicious burger would be, but rather it is a California exclusive. With the exception of a few locations sprinkled through out Nevada, Utah and Arizona. The restaurant only displays 4 menu options in its restaurants, however there are secret menu items meant for locals only. If you happen to travel to southern California where the burger chain was founded I suggest that you order said secret menu items if you want the true classic California burger experience.

Although the regular menu items are delicious enough to make any middle American want to pack up and move to the left coast, the secret menu will make the biggest cab hailing, subway catching, Red Sox's hating Yankee's fan want to move to California. My favorite of the secret menu items (which aren't that big of a secret; just Google "in-n-out secret menu") is the "animal style" burger. Contrary to its name it is not some bizarre rabbit meat burger or anything out of the ordinary. Rather it is just a mustard cooked burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, signature spread and grilled onions. For you hefty eaters I suggest the 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or whatever denomination of meat patty to cheese slice ratio you desire. As far as I know the largest blank by blank stack recorded is the 100x100 which cost approx. $97.