Jimmy Lavalle is a Gift from Above

I love live music. I don't care where you take me or how we get there, it is something that I am truly passionate about. The interaction with the music and lyrics is definitely not something you will get off of any lame "live" cd or iTunes. No, you have to be there to grasp the physical experience and consume it within your soul. Last night, I encountered something I will never forget. I saw The Album Leaf at Bottom of the Hill.

Two days prior, when my roommates asked if I wanted to come, I was totally down. I never heard of this band or had any inclination as to what was going to occur, but last night, my mind was blown with infectious ambient electronica beats and all I could do was sway my head to the amazing music that was being played right in front of my very eyes.

Usually, this type of music reminds you of something you would hear as you go to sleep. You know, like the stuff you find on Easy Listening on Music Choice. The Album Leaf, however, is the exact opposite of that, with their arrangements and multi-talented gift from Heaven, Jimmy Lavalle, I could not look away!

The live band, which consists of frontman and original composer Jimmy Lavalle on keyboards (he plays every instrument on his record but that would be utterly impossible to do live), Drew Andrews on guitar, Matthew Resovich on violin, guitar, glokenspiel (say wha?), and vocals, Luis Hermosillo on bass, and Timothy Reece on drums, this by far, I would say, is the best live band from San Diego. The sounds Matthew Resovich did on his violin just amazed me! I had never heard anything like that before!

Jimmy Lavalle is a musical phenomenon while he creates such a relaxing emotion that is felt by everyone in the venue. Aside from that, I now respect the "sleepy time music" I used to deem it as.

Aside from the ever so talented The Album Leaf, I also discovered my love for two other bands who played at the awesome Bottom of the Hill last night: Anomie Belle and Black Mamba.

Using trip hop as an outlet to defy the social norm, Anomie Belle is an amazing trio of women from Seattle, Washington that expresses their issues from American politics to consumerism. Lead woman, Tony Campbell, who also composes everything herself, has a unique voice that is definitely not meant for mainstream music and television. Most likely because she has something to say for once without having to dumb herself down or take off any clothes! I really enjoyed that I was learning something and listening to spectacular music at the same time!

Another band from San Diego, Black Mamba, is everything you want to hear and more. I suppose I took a great liking to them because they remind me of my favorite band, The Hush Sound. Aimee Sanchez tickles the piano pink while she provides wows the audience with her lovely voice. Her hippie like status will surely be loved by many, including muah. I am scurrying to get back home so I can burn their cd from my roommate!

Well, gee whiz, that was a long entry, but listen to these three amazing bands if you haven't already heard of them!

Black Mamba:

The Album Leaf:

Anomie Belle