One More Week

LOST is less than a week away and I'm getting that anxious, restless feeling again everytime Wednesday nights approached, waiting to see if we'll FINALLY get some answers, what happened to Claire?, WHO OR WHAT THE HELL IS JACOB? time traveling bunnies, island delays, WHY DOESN'T RICHARD EVER AGE!? What is this little game being played by Ben and Widmore? And how did Widmore "change the rules"?

I bet the dog, Vincent, has something to do with everything. Vincent is Jacob! Or Jacob is Christian, Jack's alcoholic, philandering, surgeon dad now dead and roaming the jungle, telling people they have work to do.

Oh God. This show makes my brain hurts. That's a good thing. Biblical, philosophical, scientific references, oh my! I don't think I've ever loved a show with this much intensity. I've been occupying myself, watching old episodes to refresh my memory, lurking Addicted to LOST facebook groups, *trying* to avoid the spoilers on DarkUFO, and analyzing the theories on LOSTpedia. Basically, this show owns my life.

As much as I can theorize, wax poetic about this show, and take up the whole page, I'll be curtious and save the excitement for January 21st.

God loves you as he loved Jacob.