Coraline: A Dark Fairy Tale

Over the weekend, I went to go see "Coraline" with my lady friend. Ordinarily I wouldn't go to see this type of movie. I surprisingly enjoyed it once I dropped my preconceived notions based on the poster outside of the theater.

The animation is amazing and reminiscent of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" if it were modernized. This stop-motion animation lends to the creepy and relatively dark theme of the movie. The plot itself is surprisingly complex for a movie with a demographic aimed at children. However, I believe that many children today can relate to the main character Coraline Jones. There were a few moments in the movie that were a bit...risqué especially for the shorties, but its probably not anything they haven't seen on MTV anyway.

Overall the movie is gripping and brings you into Coraline's world. The story makes you root for her from the very beginning. I left the movie theater with an unexpected sense of satisfaction at the conclusion of the story, too, which is always nice.

"Coraline" is playing in theaters now.