He's Just Not That Into You Movie Review!

This past weekend, last Sunday in fact, my roommates and I planned a last minute excursion to see Coraline in 3D! You may be wondering why Coraline isn't the title of my movie review, well it's because we didn't see it. In fact, it was sold out. Traveling all the way to Daly City in the pouring rain proved to be a complete and utter FAIL. Or at least that was my initial thought. Instead of a wasted trip, we decided to make the best of it and pay 10.75 for the chick flick, "He's Just Not That Into You".

We all huddled in the theater and began munching on some snacks we snuck in from Rite-Aid. As I was eating some of my friend Janine's Teddy Grahams (I LOVE THOSE COOKIES SO MUCH!), I wondered if this movie would be well worth my 11 dollars. I mean, the commercials did not seem to catch my eye and to me, it just reminded me of another "Love Actually". However, my thoughts faded away once the trailers started. If you have seen a movie with me, you will know that the trailers before the movie are probably my favorite! I am always fascinated with the way those movie buffs keep the audience wanting more. I saw the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer and almost died! OMG I cannot wait for that movie to come out, I am so stoked! Oh yeah, back to the movie review!

So the movie starts off pretty plain. Some girl goes out on a date with the guy from Entourage and once the date is over, she thinks it went well and keeps waiting for his phone call or any form of communication with the dude until she eventually becomes obsessed! The guy from Entourage, however is in no way interested and as you find out, is completely infatuated with some other chick. That chick would of course be played by the ever so sexy Scarlett Johanssen. She ignored the guy from Entourage's texts and phone calls because she met some married guy who she wants to hook up with and blah blah blah. I know, horrible explanation of story but I don't wanna ruin it because as boring and typical as it seems, I thought it was actually a very well crafted film. Mind you, it is still a chick flick, so expect everyone to fall in love in the end (well almost everyone tee hee) but may I add that it is in the cutest way! And the Mac guy, Justin Long, is just so nice to watch!

I was correct that is was similar to "Love Actually". Everyone seems to be connected in this movie and although looking back at this, I feel that they ripped that piece off of my favorite British love story. The movie still had its own personal touch to it though. I recommend it to the all the ladies who feel like they can never get a man because of "Reason A" or "Reason B". The movie has funny commentaries from all sorts of women with issues you can relate to.

Please, don't drag your boyfriend along. Just because it came out the week before Valentine's Day doesn't mean you should pull your "Baby Buttercup" along and torture him for 2 1/2 hours. It's a girls night out kind of jig and I hope that you listen to my advice carefully. It's cute, bubbly, and you can drool over Ben Affleck, Justin Long, and that dude from Entourage all you want without making your boy toy jealous! Excuse my horrible grammar but HOT DIGGITY DOG THEY SEXY!!!

So ladies, go see this movie! Trust me, it's better than you think, despite Jennifer Aniston being in the movie! I know she's done plenty of movie disasters these days but just give it a chance!


Johnny Manhattan | February 11, 2009 at 12:09 AM

excelent suggestion leaving BF's at home