Indivisibly Speaking

Albert Sadia is the drummer for the indie rock band Divisible. Divisible is a multi-ethnic duo, bringing in elements of various backgrounds. You can find out more information about them at their website.

What are your primary musical influences?

My first influence as a drummer was Buddy Rich. I was 7 and I saw him on the "Muppet Show". I was mesmerized and I begged my parents to get me drums because I had destroyed all the hampers in the house. In terms of music, it'd have to be the Beatles, Radiohead and the Pixies. They truly inspire me. The bands' influences are a little more broad: Shudder to Think, Autolux, PJ Harvey and TV on the Radio.

How would you describe your sound?

Definitely primitive and raw. Full of emotions and a longing that people can identify with.

How did your band form?

Shola was playing with a bassist, and they were looking for a drummer. I listened to the music on their website and the first song I heard was "Fire in a Hospital." The second Shola started singing, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I spent the next day learning the four songs and I auditioned for them. Right away I knew it was a perfect fit, it just felt right. The original bassist left shortly after I joined and a few more have come and gone, but the bond that Shola and I share has been the constant and has grown stronger over the years. For now, we kinda like being a duo.

What has been the reception to your music?

We spent most of 2008 writing, producing and recording "Less than Lion". Our first show of the year was not until December and we were a little concerned and nervous about how the songs were going to be received. This album was a huge departure from our EP in terms of sound and structure but, we were really proud of it and excited to get it out there. So far, the response has been amazing! People really seem to be connecting with the music. Unlike our EP, it's actually attracting new people and making new fans...which we are really excited about. We've always had our loyal fans but it's really nice to see our music reaching new people...and sucking them in!

What can we expect from your album "Less than Lion?"

Hopefully, it'll be a listening experience that you'll want to groove to, but with intelligent and meaningful lyrics behind the rhythm. Something that you'll love listening to, but that will make you think and touch you in some way. A true experience.

What was the genesis of your band and album names?

The original bassist and Shola were both mixed – he was half Japanese and she's half black. The meaning changes though, and right now Shola says it's scientific, about people being Divisible into weird little molecules, with the larger picture being the most important. We like to think of our music that way – strange little parts making up a greater whole. The album name refers to Shola's coming to terms with certain truths about her father.

Are there plans to film a video or something similar to promote the album?

Yes, videos are definitely in our near future. We are deciding which songs to work on. We are going to be making 2-3 videos to help promote the album and offer up some eye candy for our site. It's a great way to express and be creative with the songs, plus they're fun to make!


Geets | March 1, 2009 at 6:20 PM

I really like there music can't wait to see the creativity pouring out of the music videos.