Medicine for Melancholy review

Okay so I am not gonna lie. One of my main reasons for watching this movie is because Aneesah wrote about it a couple of months ago. I decided to research it on my own just to get some reviews and other opinions before I saw it in theaters. I must say that the small sypnosis on the M4M website gave this film no justice. It was amazing. More than I could imagine.

The movie, Medicine for Melancholy, directed by Barry Jenkins, follows two African-Americans, Jo and Micah, after a one-night stand. Set in San Francisco, the two bike ride across the city for a day, discovering themselves in the midst of being minorities where only 7% of the population is black.

Throughout their trek, the duo (mainly Micah) questions every black stereotype you can think of and attempts to find an answer along the way. Jo, an artist who lives with her white boyfriend in Noe Valley, is a free-spirited young woman while, Micah, the second go to guy for aquarium fish (lol) is an angry, outspoken, and often sarcastic individual who over-analyzes black culture in the hopes that it will change. Though their personalities are at different ends of the spectrum, both manage to explore San Francisco and themselves along the way.

Medicine for Melancholy is a great independent film to watch. It defies the social stereotypes that has plagued African-Americans for so long. Set in black and white, Jenkins makes the movie honest and intimate as we follow Micah and Jo on their journey. I cannot recommend this movie enough. It was simplistic yet hidden within the film was a deeper meaning, waiting to be discussed with a friend after the movie is done. I really want to see it again, but unfortunately I don't have another $10.75 to spend. :(

Also, the soundtrack was AMAZING. Great indie bands meshed perfectly and I must say that I am quite proud of their selection. I gotta find that soundtrack somewhere!


Anonymous | March 22, 2009 at 4:25 PM

Sweet review... I'm going to watch it now. Come with me!