Twitter Smells Like Old People

The most popular networking service out right now is Twitter as most of you may or may not know. However, I've noticed a stunning trend in this social sites population. There are far more people in older demographics using Twitter. I noticed this during Pres. Obama's state of the union speech when broadcasters mention that members of senate and other government officials were "tweeting" during said speech.

Even more surprising than the fact that an older generation has caught on to a new technology is the fact that they seem to have caught on at the same time as younger people have. And they have adapted remarkably well. Perhaps your old Uncle Bob is seeking justification after missing out on the Myspace and Facebook bandwagon?

What does this mean? It means your grand papi very well may have a Twitter account, and is updating his old Vietnam (war) buddies about the trauma flash back he had last night when he heard a loud bang out in the garage. But more realistically I've noticed that I'm being followed by universities, businesses, websites and bands via Twitter. This leads me to believe Twittarians (I just made that up) are using Twitter as a marketing tool AND as a research &development tool simultaneously. Only time will tell if Twitter is just Big Brother with a fancy make-over.


Tomica "Sweetpea" Crawley | March 24, 2009 at 7:34 AM

I'm sorry, but I went on and I think it is pretty lame. That's just my personal opinion.