More Red Dwarf Revealed!

A new screenshot has been revealed by Dave from the soon-to-be-relaunched British sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf:

Here's the description:

This exclusive image reveals for the first time the nature of guest-star Sophie Winkelman's character. Named Katerina, she's a surprising addition to the crew - a resurrected hologram of a Red Dwarf science officer intent on replacing Rimmer.

That's right - she's Arnold's nemesis!

My own two cents - Katerina, Arnold and the set all look delightfully Star Trekian. If writer Doug Naylor is following the 1970s Star Trek films, as I recommended he do on my personal blog, as a blueprint for rebooting his own science fiction franchise, he could go in much worse directions.

ADDITIONAL: Here's another shot released by Dave. This is of the main character Dave Lister (played by Craig Charles):