Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Zero"

Here is the new video for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' first single, "Zero".

I was super pumped about the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, "It's Blitz". But when I actually heard the new leak, I was so underwhelmed by the glam and synth rock. Zero had to grow on me, unfortunately, as did the other tracks on the album. It goes without saying that the band is trying something new and that's great. It's just not the gritty, grimy Yeah Yeah Yeahs I know and love. There was more sexual energy in "Fever To Tell" than my little adolescent heart could take. It was amazing, that album.

Admittedly, I wanted a "Fever To Tell: Part 2" but what good is a band if it remains stagnant? The video makes me want to dance and simultaneously yearn to be back in San Francisco. And Karen O will always be my hero. She is never slacking on the awesome and her jacket? BEYOND the realms of epic.

Nonetheless, "It's Blitz" is a grower. A pretty sounding, synth-heavy album, sprinkled with generous amounts of glam. But still, a grower.

My faves on "It's Blitz": Soft Shock, Dull Life and Hysteric. Listen to the whole album on their myspace.