Prevent the Corruption

Above: The current cover of one of my fave zines, Shotgun Seamstress.

Hey lovlies. Ash here. I know I've been M.I.A. lately but that is going to change. Anywho, I wanted to take some time out to give you guys a message. As you may or may not know, Afropunk is starting to get increased recognition and as this happens, I have seen people express their concern over AP getting mainstream exposure. Many of these concerns are valid and I have some myself. As a result of my concern, I created the Afropunk Media group on the AP site. We shouldn't be expected to assimilate into the mainstream media. We should create our own media.

Blogs. Zines. Radio.Books.Magazines.Newspapers.

We deserve to have our voices heard with compromising ourselves. For this reason, I urge you guys to support your Afropunk Media.

Buy zines.

Follow blogs (including this one ;-])

Hell, create your own shit!

Do something!

I'll get you started.......Click here to go to the Afropunk Media group. Join to get and give support!