Earth Day: Get Your Green On

Today signifies the worldwide event known as Earth Day, when we have an excuse to "go green" other than the fact that we should. Recently I went shopping with a friend and the grocery store only offered paper bags, when my friend and I left the store he said to me, "Sure we're not using plastic bags but what about the trees?" This got me thinking, are some of the things we're doing really "green"?

There's a simple solution to the grocery bag problem. Buying reusable bags. I would suggest buying the not fabric materials as those can get a little funky after a while. Here is a website dedicated to bringing you more ways to go green.

Along with Earth Day in 2007, Australians initiated Earth Hour by turning off all non-essential lights from 8 pm to 9pm in each of their respective time zones. Earth Hour has since then become an international event. I plan to participate tonight and you should too, because with your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!