How to Save Your Life AND Be Fashionable!

Poor Mexico.

So people think they can make a profit from this HORRIBLE swine flu PANDEMIC!!! The news is scaring us into believing that flimsy masks can protect us from a LIFE-THREATENING VIRAL INFECTION (see how scary it is in all caps?). Nevermind that Mexican officials are angry that the Chinese government has quarantined over 70 Mexicans because of fear of infection like it was SARS all over again.

Hilariously bad tutorials are created to teach us the proper methods of coughing into our sleeves. And now graphic designer, Irina Blok, is cashing in now that the world is in panic-mode. She created these “limited edition” masks above for 10 bucks a pop (plus shipping and handling). Perhaps, she realized how ridiculous this was and opted to donate the money to Children International “to help Mexico fight the swine flu epidemic” to increase sales? I get it, she's making light of the situation.

I guess it isn’t as bad as Obama USB flash drives?

Honestly, guys. Just wash your hands and cover your mouths when you cough/sneeze. A little bottle of Purell wouldn’t hurt either. Done. These things should be reserved for surgeons or nail shop beauticians or hipsters who will probably wear them to be "ironic" when the flu dies down a couple of months later.