The Taking of Pelham 123

Last night or the night before that, I went to see The Taking of Pelham 123 starring John Travolta and Denzel Washington. On the ride to the movie theater I thought, "What a great combination, two amazing actors with such wonderful range." Well guess what, I was right. Pelham 123 was a great action film that kept me on the edge of my seat.

I'll give you a horrible summary of what went down:

In this 1974 remake, John Travolta plays the role of Ryder, a New York ex convict who holds a New York subway train hostage for a $10,000,000 ransom. Dezel Washington plays the naive role of Walter Garber, a MTA dispatcher who unfortunately gets caught up in the situation, becoming the only hope to keep the hostages alive and bring Ryder the ransom money in a one hour time frame.

I can't tell you the ending because you have to watch the movie to find out, duh.

John Travolta's character, Ryder, will have you laughing this entire film. Seriously, he lightens up the mood and makes it easier to breathe throughout the movie. Denzel does it yet again as the guy who saves the day, except he puts his own personal touch to it which makes it so much better. I will never have anything bad to say about Denzel Washington. Never.

So if you like action movies with a tiny touch of comedy, then you will see The Taking of Pelhamm 123. I haven't seen the original version of the film, but I would recommend it anyway.