Throwback of the Day

Today's throwback is a true gem. The (Classic 5) Temptations came out before music videos were made, so I expected to find a song with a slide show of pictures (i.e. yesterday's throwback). Well, thanks to the wonders of Youtube I found a video of a the Temps performing today's song, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep. Sadly, the embed fuction is disabled so click here to see it. I will post a clip from the movie.
This song is my favorite out of the group's songs but the difference between this song and their other songs is that I wouldn't want to be serenaded with this song. That may sound crazy to people that don't really pay attention to the song but if you break it down and actually listen to it, you wouldn't want it sung to you either.

The premise of the song is that the protagonist basically had his heart broken by a fine girl and he found love with a not as aesthetically pleasing girl. The moral of the story is that love, not beauty is the only thing that matters. Beautiful right? It is until it gets to this part:

Now you speak your words warm and sincere.
And let's me know that your love is near.
A pretty face you may not possess
But what I like about you is your tenderness.

Ash translation: You ugly but you give good lovin'
Sorry. If a guy sang, yelled, or said that too me, he'll probably get slapped. Guys, if you're into me and don't find me nice looking, please let me stay oblivious. Thank you. That ends my mini-review/rant. Now please enjoy the Temptin' Temptations.

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, The Temptations, 1966 (the year my mommy was born, tee hee)

P.S. Look at who David Ruffin (Leon) serrenaded at the 1:35 mark. I rest my case.