You're A Jerk?

As always, my curiosity got the best of me when I found out about this "Jerkin" phenomenon. A popular dance founded in my hometown Los Angeles, California, "Jerkin" is supposedly the new craze.

So what exactly is "Jerkin"? I'm pretty sure you know more than I do, I only found out what it was in detail 24 hours ago. So instead of trying to put it in my own words and ruin the fad entirely, I will give you the definition I stole from the ever so reliable

Jerkin is an urban dance style for the youth,jerkin involves minor footwork, extreme bending at the knees. You can do it on the car or sitting on the bench.

1. An urban dance style originally started in Cali that became a nation wide phenomena over night.Crews name themselves after pop culture references and frequently call each other out over Youtube videos.

One can wear anything when jerkin. Some crews prefer skinny jeans and brightly colored clothing.It is predominatly a male dance- though some females have been known to jerk.

During the videos, one can see a large amount of wherever the jerkers are as they seem to dance any and everywhere which has added to jerkins overall appeal.

Special jerkin music is used but you can jerk to anything if you want.

Garnering attention across the nation by hip-hop duo, New Boyz and their popular song "You're A Jerk", it seems to me that this is only the beginning of this "Jerkin" style of dance. You can check out their video above.

Being the "jerk" that I am, I must state my opinion on this new trend. If you haven't seen it on my facebook status, I am not feelin it. Maybe I am jealous because I can't dance and if I do it, I'll fall on my ass but other than that, I honestly believe that by the end of the year, it will be replaced by yet another stupid dance.

And what is with all of these hip-hop dances with negative titles? We go dumb/stupid/retarded and now it's okay to be called a jerk? Hopefully the next dancing trend can be called something more positive like "I'm going smart!" or "I'm doing the college bound!" Okay, I am just being silly here, but these dances just seem to get worse. I mean, I'll admit, I will go dumb/stupid every now and then and I hate to admit that I did "Crank dat soulja boy" nonsense, but I just don't know how much I can take.

I will say though, that most kids find it fun to Jerk and battle one another, doing the Reject and Dipping, a few moves associated with "Jerkin", so it seems to have a positive effect within the hip-hop community. Which is fine by me, I guess. It has also created a new fashion trend within the black hip-hop community that has many young males wearing bright neon colors and skinny jeans. I suppose we are over (LA kids at least) the baggy clothes and have decided to try something even more uncomfortable than before. I mean, how can you jerk in such tight jeans? No rips or tears in your checkered neon green skinnies? Whatever, maybe that fashion trend is here to stay as well.


Michael | June 3, 2009 at 11:25 PM

Funny how hip-hop fashion has suddenly jumped back to the early 90s.