"Why do black people hate white music?"

Hip-hop magazines and blogs (of the mainstream variety, at least) tend to be disappointing in their thought processes, but this is a little too much:

First of all, the title of this post is a misnomer. As I mentioned on this site a few weeks ago, black people like plenty of white music - just not very good white music. For example, if it wasn’t for black people’s inexplicable fascination with Spandau Ballet’s “True” going on 25 years after the fact, R&B singer Lloyd would almost certainly be working at a UPS or something.[1]

But it’s true in general that black people are much less into white music than white people are into black music. For example, while it’s not uncommon to find black people who listen to nothing but black music, the idea of a cracka-ass cracka who listens to nothing but cracka-ass cracka music is essentally unheard of at this point. Even crackety-cracks who live out in the sticks and like country music have been known to blast Fiddy Cent from their pickup trucks.

Maybe in high school this is true, since teenagers tend to subscribe pretty thoroughly to whatever image popular culture provides for them. I live in a pretty heavily black part of America, however, and a great deal of the black people I know don't even listen to hip-hop anymore.

I probably should have expected this for reading XXL. The last time I did that I found a letters column in which the majority of letters were written by people doing time.