Something I've noticed... this needed to be addressed

So, I work in a micro-brewery/pool hall/restaurant... and I have noticed a trend, that has me questioning, how far we have come as a people in the past 50+ years... Tonight at work, I worked the pool room, and in the pool room, there are 10 tables, that stretches a good 30 yards, maybe a bit more, from the front to the back. ITs HUGE!!!! 10 tables, 20 chairs, and a shit ton of people who likes to play pool, and get drunk. I do not mind serving people, and I don’t mind serving assholes, that’s a given, but one trend that I started to see, and is starting to get me depressed, is when my people, OUR people, ,ask for tables in the back!... Now, don’t get me wrong... I understand that people want there privacy, and wants to try to mack on a certain young lady, or whatever, but its starting to become depressing to give out tables 7 through 10 to black people...

Here is why. Before December 1, 1955, All blacks were forced to sit in the back of the bus to get where ever in said town. and it was sad... And on THAT very day (12/1/1955), One Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, paid her money, and sat down in one of the seats in the front of the bus. She was asked to move for a white patron, and she politely, and respectfully, said simply, "no." And that one powerful, and simple show of defiance of ignorance, and show of humanity as a black woman in Montgomery, Alabama, showed the world that WE ARE PEOPLE TOO! And, this is what’s disturbing to me, and its not all my brothers and sisters out in the crazy world that is this.

But, there are still those who think that being in the back makes you cool or more socially attractive. I disagree... Not only did Ms. Parks fight for equal rights by refusing to give up her seat, but, she fought for us, NOT to be in the back of ANYTHING! And on Sundays, at my job, the pool room is probably the slowest section in the entire restaurant, and I have to travel ALL THE WAY TO THE FUCKIN BACK to serve my brothers and sisters, who wanna sit back there for whatever ungodly and stupid reason. And what’s even worse, when I give out a certain table, these fuckasses, who neglect to listen, decides that its better for them to go all the way back there, when I gave them a certain table, its for MY welfare. I could care less about money. But when I put you somewhere, you are to go there, and not defy me, by being a Nigger Tree, and be difficult with me. I am doing this for certain reason... And it just upsets me when my own are being ignorant, of the fact that I wan them to step away from the norm that is for us to settle for the back.

It's funny cause, a lot of them are all about talking about how black is beautiful, and how they are being kept down by the man and all that type of ignorant shit, when, its actually them/us, who are keeping US down!. If we are to rise up, we need to display our beauty, and our ways of being accepted in the world!, If IM wrong, PLEASE tell me, but I honestly think that we can do better, by going to Tables 1-6, and not be what the world expects us to be. Now, when I say this, I don’t mean that its all the brothers and sisters that I encounter, its just those who still don’t wanna know, or wanna try to know... And plus, some of the best tables are actually in the front of the fuckin room!

But like any nigger, they wanna be niggerish, and maintain their nigger ways. I do hope and pray to GOD that this changes. Cause I believe, that Ms. Park’s defiance will be all for not, and in vein, if we continue to do what they (MLK, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Medgar Evers, and others who fought for use to be in this day as free black men and women) fought so hard and sacrifice so much for, and let the front be empty of color. I’m not trying to bring a race war into this, I’m just talking from the heart. Be blessed guys, and goodnight.


Michael | January 27, 2009 at 3:59 AM

I've noticed this alot growing up too. I guess it's like voting. Men have given their lives to give us the right to vote, but with that right also comes the right not to vote. People also have the right to sit in the back or not sit in the back if they so choose.